How FinServe and Banks are Migrating to Cloud-Native Technology

The future of Financial Services and Banking is in the cloud.


Learn How Financial Service Companies Can Successfully Migrate Critical Applications to the Cloud.

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How Financial Services & Banks Can Migrate to the Cloud | Cockroach Labs
Fintech companies are disrupting the staid world of traditional banking. Financial services institutions are trying to keep pace, be competitive, and become relevant by modernizing operations and leveraging the same technologies as the aggressive fintech startups. Such efforts include a move to cloud and the increased use of data to derive real-time insights for decision-making and automation.

In this guide you will learn:

Chapter 1: Why every bank should aspire to be the Google of FinServe

Chapter 2: Reducing latency & other delays that are detrimental to FSIs

Chapter 3: A look to the future of transaction services in the face of modernization

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