June 17, 2019

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach:v19.1.2

Enterprise edition changes

  • You can now alter the zone configuration for a secondary index partition using the syntax ALTER PARTITION OF INDEX <tablename>@<indexname> CONFIGURE ZONE .... #36883

Bug fixes

  • CockroachDB now computes the result of shifting bit arrays to the right properly and avoids generating invalid bit arrays. #36751
  • SHOW ZONE CONFIGURATION no longer emits invalid ALTER syntax in its output when displaying the zone configuration for a table or index partition that is inheriting from the database or the default configuration. #36883
  • SHOW ZONE CONFIGURATION FOR TABLE t PARTITION p no longer ignores the clause PARTITION p and now properly displays the zone configuration for that partition instead. #36883
  • Automated table statistics no longer encounter "batch timestamp must be after replica GC threshold" errors on configurations with low TTL. #37588
  • Fixed type inference of columns in subqueries for some expressions of the form scalar IN (subquery). #37598
  • Fixed a panic when constructing the error message for an invalid partitioning. #37703
  • Fixed a potential source of (faux) replica inconsistencies that can be reported while running a mixed v19.1 / v2.1 cluster. This error (in that situation only) is benign and can be resolved by upgrading to the latest v19.1 patch release. Every time this error occurs, a "checkpoint" is created which will occupy a large amount of disk space and which needs to be removed manually (see <store directory>/auxiliary/checkpoints). #37722
  • Fixed a case in which cockroach quit would return successfully even though the server process was still running in a severely degraded state. #37722
  • Fixed incorrect results or "incorrectly ordered stream" errors in response to some queries with aggregations, and improved the EXPLAIN output for aggregations. #37792
  • A NULL right operand now causes the sub-operator expression to return NULL. #37886
  • The age() function is now correctly marked as impure, causing it to be unavailable in certain contexts. #37922
  • Certain binary encodings of numeric/decimal values no longer result in values that are an order of magnitude off. #37921
  • Fixed a race condition that could cause a panic during query planning. #37974
  • Fixed GROUP BY for empty arrays. #37940
  • Fixed a bug when estimating result set sizes in the optimizer that caused queries involving very large integer ranges to have poor plans. #38038
  • The cockroach commands that internally use a RPC connection (e.g. cockroach quit, cockroach init, etc.) once again properly support passing an IPv6 address literal via the --host argument. #37982
  • The cockroach init command will now always properly report when a cluster is already initialized, even after the node that it's connecting to is restarted. #37593

Security improvements

  • Stack memory used by CockroachDB is now marked as non-executable, improving security and compatibility with SELinux. #38011


This release includes 25 merged PRs by 18 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • Simo Kinnunen (first-time contributor)

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