Technical Advisory 69874

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Publication date: September 7, 2021


A bug was introduced in CockroachDB v21.1.8 which would prevent downgrading to earlier v21.1.x patch versions. For this reason, we have removed v21.1.8 from our releases page.


Patch releases are expected to maintain upgrade/downgrade/mixed-version compatibility, so a user can upgrade (for example) from v21.1.3 to v21.1.7 and back down to v21.1.5 at will.

A recent change was backported to the release-21.1 branch, that included a new cluster version, which was then included in the v21.1.8 release. This means a cluster that deploys v21.1.8 (and has the default automatic finalization enabled) will be unable to downgrade to v21.1.7 or earlier.

A future release, currently in development, will resolve this issue.


Users should not upgrade to v21.1.8.

If you have already upgraded to v21.1.8, no action is necessary, but your v21.1.8 cluster is in a state where you must not downgrade to a previous patch release.

If you are running v21.1.7 or earlier, no action is necessary.


Users who are running v21.1.8 cannot downgrade to a previous patch release.

Tracking issue: #69874

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