Technical Advisory 62842

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Publication date: July 29, 2021


In 20.2, the implementation of TRUNCATE changed to keep the table ID stable. Its new behavior is to replace the existing indexes with new, empty indexes. This new code had a bug when it came to indexes which were not yet public (i.e., indexes which were still in the process of being added to the table). A TRUNCATE would cause this partially-backfilled index to be made public instead of being dropped, exposing stale pre-truncation data to the query engine.

This issue affects CockroachDB v20.2.0 to v20.2.8.


This bug was resolved by #62944.

The fix has been applied to the maintenance release v20.2.9 of CockroachDB by PR #63153.

This public issue is tracked by #62842.


  1. Check for TRUNCATE in logs.

  2. Check for out-of-order secondary index ID vs primary index ID:

  WITH descs AS (
                SELECT d
                  FROM (
                        SELECT crdb_internal.pb_to_json(
                               )->'table' AS d
                          FROM system.descriptor
                 WHERE d IS NOT NULL
       bad_descs AS (
                    SELECT d, idx
                      FROM (
                            SELECT d,
                                    AS pi,
                                   ) AS idx
                              FROM descs
                     WHERE (pi->>'id')::INT8
                           > (idx->>'id')::INT8
SELECT database_name,
       name AS table_name,
       idx->>'name' AS index_name,
       (idx->>'id')::INT8 AS index_id
  FROM crdb_internal.tables
  JOIN bad_descs ON (table_id = (d->>'id')::INT8);

In the following example of query output, the index idx2 of table tpcc.public.order_line is identified as possibly corrupted:

  database_name | schema_name | table_name | table_id | index_name | index_id
  tpcc          | public      | order_line |       58 | idx2       |        2
(1 row)


Any suspect indexes should be dropped and rebuilt.

To prevent this issue, do not TRUNCATE a table while an index is being built.

Users of CockroachDB v20.2 are encouraged to upgrade to v20.2.9 or a later version.


All deployments running CockroachDB versions 20.2.0 up to and including 20.2.8 are affected. Cockroach Labs acknowledges the issue and has applied a fix that is available in subsequent maintenance releases for 20.2 (20.2.9 and later).

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