CockroachDB vs Amazon Aurora

Looking for the best cloud SQL database?Learn why CockroachDB wins over Amazon Aurora.

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Why CockroachDB over AWS Aurora?

No write bottlenecks

No hidden expenses


With a single write node, AWS Aurora struggles to scale write transactions at high volumes and will fail.

AWS Aurora charges additional fees for IOPS, storage, and backups. Data replication incurs significant costs.

AWS Aurora tie you to AWS tooling only and removes your ability to deploy a hybrid option or across clouds.

CockroachDB resiliently scales, without bottlenecks.

CockroachDB delivers straightforward, transparent, inclusive pricing.

CockroachDB gives you freedom to choose any tools in all clouds.

An architectual difference

  AWS Aurora 
CockroachDB  cockroach labs
 Architecture  Single write node in one data center and then sync data across regions for distributed reads. 
Architected to span globally distributed data centers, yet still valuable in single data center.
Replication   Replication of data at storage layer. Replication acaross regions is the complete storage layer
Intelligent replication uses RAFT to place data and efficiently utilize storage and compute
 Writes (Multi-master) Optional Configuration: Two masters only, no other read nodes available in this deployment mode. Also limited to one region. 
Every node is a gateway to the entirety of the database for all types of transactions and no matter where they reside
 Multi-region writes Not possible 
Native, all nodes can accept all queries
 Data Residency  No ability to tie data to a location
Tied data to a node to optimize performance or comply with data regulations 
 Transactional consistency  Configurable within single region
Serializable, guaranteed consistent
RPO  > 5 seconds 
Zero RPO
Availability   AWS only
All public clouds, on prem and local
Good for  Single region applications that will not scale and are tied to AWS
Single region, multiple region applications that may or may not scale and can run in any cloud

CockroachDB’s distributed architecture survives failures across regions, delivering truly elastic and global scale for all your transactions. While AWS Aurora can help scale in-region reads, its single write master will fail and any regional extensions will be costly. 

Get consistent, fast SQL transactions at any scale, anywhere in the world.

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