Why CockroachDB over Amazon Aurora?

Unlimited Write Scale

Unlimited Write Scale

CockroachDB allows you to scale both reads and writes with every endpoint accepting all transactions

Global Data

Global Data

CockroachDB provides simple DDL that allows you to define where data will live across multiple regions

Multi-region Scale

Multi-region Scale

CockroachDB delivers an automated, simple and resource efficient database that can can span regions and clouds

It’s all about scale

CockroachDB fundamentally reimagined what a database could be, so you could survive failures across regions and scale both reads and writes as far as you need.

Availability iconAvailability
AWS only
All public clouds, on-prem and local
Architecture iconArchitecture
Single write node in one data center, then sync data across regions for distributed reads
Architected to span globally distributed data centers, yet still valuable in single data center
Replication iconReplication
Replication of data at storage layer; replication across regions is the complete storage layer
Intelligent replication uses RAFT to place data and efficiently utilize storage and compute
Writes iconWrites
Single node writes causes bottlenecks (multimaster limited)
Every node is a gateway to the entirety of the database for unlimited reads and writes in any region
Multi-region Writes iconMulti-region Writes
Not possible
Native, all nodes can accept reads and writes even across regions
Data Residency iconData Residency
No ability to tie data to a location
Tie data to a node to optimize performance or comply with data regulations
Transactional Consistency iconTransactional Consistency
Configurable within single region
Serializable, guaranteed consistent
Ideal Use Case iconIdeal Use Case
Single-region applications that will not scale and are tied to AWS
Single-region or multiple-region applications that may need to scale and want the freedom to run in any cloud
Pricing iconPricing
A-la-carte pricing for IOPS/storage, backups are additional costs & cross-region replication incurs egress cost
Simple, straightforward pricing, plus the ability to tie data to a location to avoid egress costs

Databases and platform freedom

CockroachDB is architected to give you the freedom to deploy your database anywhere, on any cloud. Use the best solution for your workloads and still gain value from any cloud provider.

Freedom from Lock-In

Make smart use of your existing resources with CockroachDB’s hybrid-cloud capabilities. AWS Aurora won’t let you deploy in a hybrid environment

Freedom of Choice

Pick any (or multiple) providers and run self-deployed or as-a-service. Because no one should have to be locked into a single provider

Freedom to Grow

Effortlessly scale and take control of your workloads. Avoid the significant egress costs often seen when moving data with AWS Aurora

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