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Build an App with PonyORM and CockroachDB

Build An App With PonyORM And CockroachDB

PonyORM makes database interactions easy. Developers can query a SQL database in Python syntax, and allow Pony to translate Python queries into SQL and execute them in the most efficient way. But database interactions are only half the battle. Even though PonyORM simplifies interactions with a database, there are still other database complexities developers have to deal with, like scaling and ensuring the database is always on.

With PonyORM for CockroachDB, you’ll get simplicity on both fronts: easy database interactions and easy database operations. CockroachDB shards automatically, is naturally resilient, and is low-maintenance. With PonyORM for CockroachDB, you can more efficiently build your apps in Python and gain all the benefits of a distributedSQL database.

To get started, check out how to build a Python app with CockroachDB and PonyORM. 


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