Apple and DoorDash engineering to deliver talks at KubeCrash

Apple and DoorDash engineering to deliver talks at KubeCrash

Senior engineering leaders from DoorDash, Apple, and Chick-fil-A are set to speak at KubeCrash, a virtual Kuberenetes conference delivering free crash courses on cloud-native, open source technologies. Hosted on October 5 and 6, 2022, this virtual, free, and 100% focused on open source event will be held in European- and Americas-friendly timezones.

Check out the program and register today.

About KubeCrash

KubeCrash will take place over two half-days — one from 3 to 6 pm Central European Time and the other one from 12 to 3 pm Eastern / 9 am to 12 pm Pacific Time — to make it easy for engineers in Europe and North America to participate live. 

Cockroach Labs has teamed up with six other open source companies to bring top-notch, KubeCon-grade crash courses on cloud native tech. No vendor pitches, just awesome open source content on projects such as Linkerd, cert-manager, CockroachDB, Pulumi, Polaris, and Goldilocks. Check out last KubeCrash’s talks to get a sense of what to expect. 

Can’t-miss talks: Scaling transactions to 25 million monthly active users

On Thursday October 6, Karthik Katooru, senior engineering manager at DoorDash, and Sean Chittendon, Senior Director of Engineer at Cockroach Labs (formerly at DoorDash) will talk about DoorDash’s experiences adopting, developing, and migrating from Aurora PostgreSQL to CockroachDB. Sean and Karthik will talk about lessons learned delivering databases as a service to internal teams and next steps for DoorDash, one of the most innovative cloud native companies in our ecosystem.

The KubeCrash program

Day 1: Wednesday, October 5 (European and East Americas-friendly timezone)

3 to 6 pm CET | 9 am to 12 pm EST | 8 to 11 am CST

Lighting talk: Intro to the CNCF Cloud Native Maturity Model by Danielle Cook, Co-chair CNCF Cartografos Group 

Whose cert is it anyway? How to build TLS trust using cert-manager by Ashley Davis, cert-manager team

Going Straight to the Edge by Dinesh Majrekar and Mark Boost, founders of Civo

Hands-on workshop: Service mesh observability with Linkerd by Flynn, Linkerd team and Emissary-ingress maintainer 

Day 2: Thursday, October 6 (Americas-friendly timezone)

12 to 3 pm EST | 11 am to 2 pm CST | 9 am to 12 pm PST

Keynote by Cheryl Hung, Engineering Manager, Apple 

Lighting talk:  The CNCF Cloud Native Glossary: Trusted. Simple. Community-driven by Catherine Paganini, Cloud Native Glossary Maintainer

Getting Started with Kubernetes Guardrails with Polaris by Andy Suderman Creator and Maintainer of Goldilocks and Stevie Caldwell, Creator of GoNoGo

Scaling transactions for 25 million monthly active users by Karthik Katooru, Senior Engineering Manager, Storage Team and Core Infrastructure, DoorDash and Sean Chittenden, Senior Director of Engineering, Cockroach Labs

Hands-on workshop: Pulumi

Check out the program page for more details and register today!

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