Mercedes-Benz, Ericsson, Cockroach Labs to speak at KubeCrash

Last edited on September 25, 2023

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    It’s my favorite time of year. The leaves are turning. The temps are dropping. The clusters are multiplying. Which can only mean one thing: KubeCon NA is just around the corner, bringing with it another edition of KubeCrash, the Chicago warm-up!

    Join me on October 18 for a virtual, free, and 100% open source-focused conference. I’m excited to emcee the day’s events alongside Fairwinds’ Danielle Cook. This time around, the program explores cooperative multi-cluster deployments at enterprise scale. If you haven’t already, be sure to scope out the full schedule and register today.

    One stateful app to demo them allCopy Icon

    This year we’re doing something unique and, if you ask me, pretty brilliant: to explore the world of enterprise-scale multi-cluster deployments, we’ll be using a single stateful demo app throughout all of the presentations.

    Here’s the plan: We’ll tie clusters into a single network (Linkerd), allow for automated cluster-wide certificate hierarchies (cert-manager), enable cost-effective cross-cluster communications (Emissary-Ingress), and set up Kubernetes guardrails to avoid misconfiguration-based app failure (Polaris), all while using a distributed database to ensure surviving failures of individual pieces (CockroachDB).

    The pièce de résistance? We’ll then move the stateful app from one cloud to another while achieving high availability and latency reduction in a multi-cloud setup. In short, we’ll cover everything enterprise users need to know to get the most out of cooperative multi-cluster deployments, while keeping a handle on operational complexity and cost. And who doesn’t like less complexity and cost?

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    In addition to yours truly serving as emcee for the day’s proceedings, there’s a lot more CockroachDB to discover at KubeCrash, starting with the Eddie Wassef’s keynote, The Symphony of Kubernetes: Orchestrating Multi-Cluster Deployments with GitOps. Eddie serves as Chief Architect at Vonage and will have insights to offer about multi-cluster architecture in CockroachDB. Plus, don’t miss my fellow Roachers Rob Reid and Dominic Revita as they share a detailed walkthrough of building mission-critical, multi-region apps with CockroachDB as your database.

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    Come prepared for a schedule packed with great content and actionable insights directly from thought leaders and the teams that maintain some of the ecosystem’s most popular open source projects.

    Wednesday, October 18 (4 pm CET | 10 am ET | 7 am PT)Copy Icon

    Opening keynote: The Symphony of Kubernetes: Orchestrating Multi-Cluster Deployments with GitOps

    Lighting talks:

    • Inclusion Matters: Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Cloud Native and Open Source

    • CNCF TAG Sustainability Co-Chair

    Main session:

    • Cooperating Clusters: Linkerd’s new take on multi-cluster

    • Emissary-Ingress for multi-cluster: Who are you and where are you going?

    • Simplifying Multi-Cluster Identities with cert-manager

    • End user panel discussion

    • Achieving Resilience and Efficiency with Kubernetes in a Multi-Cloud Environment

    • Kubernetes Best Practices at Scale: Apply Consistency Across Multi-Clusters

    • Building Mission-critical, Multi-region Applications with CockroachDB

    Lighting talks:

    • Cloud Native Sustainability: A New Frontier

    • CNCF Platform Working Group

    Closing keynote (to be announced)

    Check out the program page for more details.

    Join us on October 18Copy Icon

    Join us on Wednesday, October 18, for a specifically curated set of sessions, each led by a project maintainer, from projects covering modern multi-cloud deployments. It will be live, interactive, and fun. Register today!