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Kubernetes Tutorials

For Beginners & Experts


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6.5 hours

Kubernetes Fundamentals

Learn key concepts of Kubernetes. 

Real World Case Studies

Explore ways to manage state in Kubernetes without sacrificing data correctness or consistency. 

How to Manage State & Storage in K8s

Read real-world examples of applications being deployed on K8s.

How to Run Applications on K8s

Explore multi-region Kubernetes clusters to understand if the improved resiliency and latency times are worth the complexity.

Learn Kubernetes fundamentals and level up with tutorials that cover how to manage and deploy stateful applications on Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is an open source orchestration platform for managing containerized workloads and services. The word "kubernetes" originates from the Greek words for helmsman or navigator. About 75% of container orchestration is done in Kubernetes, but popularity of the platform does not mean that it is easy to use. These Kubernetes training modules are intended to present Kubernetes in practical, applied lessons, to get you up and running quickly.  

What is Kubernetes?

This introductory video with Kubernetes experts covers storage, data challenges, and how certain databases can simplify these challenges. A written recap is also available here.

Lesson 1: Webinar

O'Reilly Kubernetes Best Practices

The methods included are backed by concrete code examples. This book is for those already familiar with basic Kubernetes concepts who want to apply common best practices.

Lesson 2: Guide

The Cloud Database team at Bose shares how they extend Kubernetes to allow any software development team within Bose to get easy access to Elasticsearch, CockroachDB, and other services.

Lesson 3: Case Study

This lesson covers distributed SQL principles, how distributed SQL fits with Kubernetes, and how pairing the two simplifies cloud application development.

Lesson 4: Demo

The CockroachCloud team shares how they evaluated Kubernetes against other orchestration systems. They share gotchas, hiccoughs, and lessons they have learned deploying CockroachDB on Kubernetes.

Lesson 5: Case Study

This guide covers deployment of a stateful application with CockroachDB using Kubernetes’ StatefulSets feature. Learn about deployment options, StatefulSets vs DaemonSets, and steps to get a stateful application into production.

Lesson 6: Guide

Lesson 7: Tutorial

In this tutorial, create a sample To-Do app in Kubernetes with CockroachDB as the datastore. The app is written in Python with Flask as the web framework and SQLAlchemy for working with SQL data.

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