3 programs to support developers and COVID-19 frontline workers

Last edited on May 14, 2020

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    The global pandemic has changed the way we live and work. Work-from-home has become the new normal. Web and application traffic patterns have been turned upside-down. These abrupt transitions have added stress not only to our daily lives but also to our infrastructure and business applications.

    In response to these dramatic shifts, Cockroach Labs is launching new programs to better support our fellow developers and the greater community of those affected by COVID-19.

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    Bulletproof, elastic, cloud-native applications are more important now than ever before. But not every developer or technical organization knows how to build a cloud-native application, nor is versed in which tools are the best fit at each layer of the tech stack.

    For those looking to improve their development skills and build familiarity with the modern tech stack to meet the realities of COVID-19, we have assembled "Learn With Us," a library of cloud-native resources. The library is organized into three major sections: Build, Deliver, and Deploy. Our collection is comprehensive but by no means exhaustive, so please

    what might be missing.

    We are also doubling down on our support for Women Who Code, the world's largest and most active community for technical women. On behalf of every person who signs up for Cockroach University, we will be donating $3 to Women Who Code. As a bonus, every person who completes the curriculum will also receive a goodie bag in the mail, filled with CockroachDB swag. Cockroach University is 100% free. You can enroll here.

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    We are also deeply committed to supporting those affected by COVID-19. One of our chosen non-profits is Direct Relief, an organization that equips frontline healthcare workers with protective gear and critical resources. We will donate $10 to Direct Relief on behalf of anyone who tells us to. You can tell us to donate on your behalf here.

    Supporting our customers and community

    We want everyone to succeed, no matter who they are. We hope our efforts, however modest, will be of some help to our customers and to our community. If there are other ways that we can support you, please reach out to us.

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