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CockroachDB on Google Cloud

Scale fast, survive anything, thrive everywhere with a fully-managed, distributed SQL database on Google Cloud

CockroachDB is available on GCP Marketplace. We make it easy for you to spend your commits in a smart way and fulfill your orders fast. Contact us to learn more about procuring CockroachDB through the GCP Marketplace:

Build modern apps with simple, familiar SQL in Google Cloud, eliminate most database operations, and take an idea from one customer to a global audience on a single database.


Elastic, efficient scale in the cloud

Gain simple, automated horizontal scale for reads and writes across 1000s of nodes and global regions, and eliminate toil of manual sharding so you can quickly scale to meet any usage pattern.


Highly available, resilient data

Define survival goals for CockroachDB deployed on Google Cloud with a few declarative SQL statements so it can handle availability zone or region loss without impact to performance.


Multi-region, single database

Leverage Google’s global network by deploying CockroachDB across multiple machines, availability zones, regions, on prem and/or cloud, without ever changing your application.


Build on GCP, don’t operate

Free yourself from the hassle of manual database tasks such as manual scale or implementing failover. Update your schema with zero downtime in production.


Building with a distributed mindset with Google Cloud


Multi-region applications with Google Cloud Run & CockroachDB


Why Mythical Games built a blockchain gaming infrastructure on CockroachDB


End-to-end serverless apps with Google Cloud Run and CockroachDB


CockroachDB is available on GCP Marketplace

Consolidate billing in your GCP account

Simplify the procurement process

Easily apply GCP credits

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