How to build a full-stack app in Java with Spring Boot and CockroachDB

Last edited on March 30, 2021

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    We are excited to share that Fundamentals of CockroachDB for Java Developers is now available on Cockroach University. This course is designed for Java application developers who are looking to advance their education with CockroachDB and build scalable, resilient applications and services.

    This is our third course offering following the inaugural Getting Started course and Fundamentals of CockroachDB for Python Developers. Similar to the Python course, you will build a full-stack-ride sharing application, but in Java using Spring Boot with Spring Data JPA.

    Fundamentals of CockroachDB for Java Developers includes a series of videos and exercises as well as a final exam. You will also be using CockroachDB Dedicated Free, which is our free database-as-a-service offering. It’s ideal for development, testing out CockroachDB, and hobby applications.

    Who is the Java course for?Copy Icon

    Before taking this course, you should have some experience with Java and application development. If you are familiar with SQL, it will help you along the way, but it’s not required. If you are brand new to CockroachDB, you should consider taking the two-part introductory course, Getting Started with CockroachDB first.

    This course is a great training tool for managers to share with their developer teams. Developers complete this self-paced course on their own and save the time and money it would cost to introduce a new technology. And since CockroachDB is Postgres-wire compatible, it speaks SQL and has a familiar look and feel for many developers.

    What can I expect?Copy Icon

    This course will take you approximately 4 hours to complete [see the syllabus here]. If you’ve taken the introductory courses, you will be familiar with the format. This course includes:

    • Three chapters of content

    • Nine videos

    • Elevent hands-on labs

    • A final exam

    You will build a full-stack ride-sharing application in Java using Spring Boot with Spring Data JPA. You will start with a simple version that manages a fleet of scooters and their current positions. You will add features one by one as the course progresses until you have a highly functional application that is ready to track vehicles, rides, and users.

    Along the way, you will learn how to:

    • Deploy a free CockroachDB cluster on CockroachDB Dedicated

    • Design your CockroachDB schema in SQL

    • Model your data in JPA

    • Perform transactions such as adding, removing, and updating rows

    At the end of the course, there will be a final exam to test your knowledge. When you pass, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. We encourage you to share your Certificate of Completion on LinkedIn (tag @cockroach-labs) or Twitter (tag

    ) to show off your new skills!

    For a limited time, once you pass the final exam you will be entered to win a raffle for an iPad Air. We will select winners on April 30. Remember to check your email for the Certificate of Completion and raffle entry form!

    How can I get started with Cockroach University?Copy Icon

    You can get started today for free here. Again, for anyone new to CockroachDB or not familiar with our unique architecture, we recommend taking the two-part introductory courses, Getting Started with CockroachDB.

    Along the way, our docs can be used for references for things like syntax, SQL examples, and additional tutorials. The example application, MovR, uses Spring Boot. For help, you can refer to:

    Where to get help?Copy Icon

    If you have questions or feedback, we encourage you to join the #cockroach-university channel in our CockroachDB Community Slack, where our team is available to chat.

    What’s next in Cockroach University?Copy Icon

    This spring, we are planning to launch CockroachDB Performance Basics for Developers which will be a follow up to this course and the Python course. Follow us on social media (LinkedIn,

    ) for more updates on Cockroach University and new courses.

    We hope you enjoy this course and always welcome your feedback. Thanks for your interest in advancing your education with CockroachDB!

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