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CockroachDB on AWS

Build modern apps with simple, familiar SQL on Amazon Web Services

CockroachDB is available in AWS Marketplace. We make it easy for you to spend your commits in a smart way and fulfill your orders fast. Contact us to learn more about procuring CockroachDB through the AWS Marketplace:

CockroachDB on AWS allows you to get started everywhere and anywhere without the operation headache of managing a database


Multiple regions, single database

Optimize where your data lives and maximize fault-tolerance by deploying across multiple machines, availability zones, and AWS regions.


Eliminate operational hassle

Free yourself from the hassle of manual database tasks such as manual scale or implementing failover. Upgrade the database without downtime


No downtime, highly available

With just a few declarative SQL statements on AWS’ bulletproof infrastructure set availability goals at the database, table or row level to survive any failure.


Start small, scale globally

Begin within a single AWS region, and expand to multiple regions as needed to deliver the right experience to all your users wherever they are on the planet


CockroachDB is available on AWS Marketplace

Consolidate billing in your AWS account

Simplify the procurement process

Easily apply AWS credits

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