The Cockroach Hour: DoorDash, Cockroach Labs, and future-proof, scale-out systems

Published Wednesday, Mar 3, 2021

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Last year, the DoorDash business incurred incredible growth and with this success has come strains on their systems, applications, and of course, their database.

They need systems that meet the demand today and will future proof the business for their very bright future. Earlier last year, they turned to CockroachDB as a forward-thinking, future proof database that supports the business objectives of being multi-region with a single logical database, while scaling to meet the demands across hundreds of thousands of write transactions. 

In this session, Sean Chittenden, Software Engineer at DoorDash will sit down with us to talk through:

  • Their requirements and why they chose CockroachDB
  • Their implementation, what went well and what didn’t
  • A walkthrough of CockroachDB in action, including real-world, hands-on examples of scale and resilience in their instance!

We are both proud and fortunate to have Sean join us and ensure you this will be both a lively and super informative, technical session.


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
VP of Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs
Sean Chittenden
Sean Chittenden
Software Engineer


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