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The Cockroach Hour: Building Developer Communities

Published Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021

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Developer Relations (or DevRel) is a hot topic. Building these highly functional DevRel teams has become critical to adoption and the successful use of technology. These teams build-out and engage with the communities and developers that are helping drive the most critical software decisions for all types of organizations.

Here at Cockroach Labs, we’ve been building out our DevRel team and while we’ve learned a lot along the way, we know there is always more to learn!  So, we’re holding a Cockroach Hour to talk DevRel approach/best practices and would love to have you join us in this conversation. 

We’ll surely cover a lot of ground but some basics areas we’d like to cover will be:

  • How to get involved and where to connect
  • Connecting online in this new virtual world
  • How to contribute to code and docs


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
Cockroach Labs
VP of Product Marketing
Lisa-Marie Namphy
Lisa-Marie Namphy
Cockroach Labs
Head of Developer Relations
Amruta Ranade
Amruta Ranade
Cockroach Labs
Developer Relations

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