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Dude Where’s My Server? Kelsey Hightower Talks Serverless Databases

Published Thursday, Oct 21, 2021

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In the past, we’ve often talked about ‘the future of application development’. Well, the future has arrived. And in this stream you’ll get to see it first hand. 

Kelsey Hightower (who needs no introduction) joins the livestream to do a live demo of a serverless database and to discuss the ways that developers can leverage the power of a serverless database. 

For developers who want to stay on the cutting edge of modern application development, this livestream will show you what a serverless SQL database looks like, what kind of applications you can build on it, and how a serverless database will help you build applications with more ease and efficiency.  

There is no script for these livestreams but we plan to start this one with a live demo followed by a conversation that will touch on these topics:

• What developers need to know about serverless databases 

• How a free serverless sql database impact application development

• What kind of applications are a good fit for serverless sql databases

• Examples of modern application tech stacks that include serverless databases

These livestreams are always better when the audience brings questions so please don’t hesitate to pop your questions into the chat during the session. Typically we go around 45 mins but this one could go a full 60 minutes so save your seat and maybe go buy some popcorn. This is going to be a good one.


Kelsey Hightower
Kelsey Hightower
Staff Developer Advocate
Jim Walker
Jim Walker
Principal Product Evangelist
Cockroach Labs

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