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CockroachDB Office Hours: Intro to the Database

Published Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021

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CockroachDB delivers cloud-native, distributed SQL, and is the most highly evolved database on the planet. Helping companies of all sizes—and the apps they develop— to scale fast, survive disaster, and thrive everywhere.

Join us live as we provide a hands-on demo of how to get started with CockroachDB and how to spin up your first cluster either on your laptop or in CockroachDB Dedicated.
Skill Level: Beginner
If you’d like to schedule a private session or demo, contact us.
Sidebar: CockroachDB Live
A regular demo and Q&A with our experts on key features of CockroachDB. We will show you live the database at work while you bring your questions for our expert panel.


Tim Veil
Tim Veil
Head of Sales Engineering
Cockroach Labs

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