What’s New in CockroachDB 19.1: Enhanced Security, Extended CDC & Optimized Queries

Published Thursday, May 9, 2019

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The goal of our 19.1 Release is to make your data more secure, easier to query and better equipped to flow smoothly to your authorization framework.
In this webinar, we’ll highlight three key capabilities from the 19.1 release. All three are useful for Enterprise level companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses:
  • Enterprise Grade Security: CockroachDB now integrates with existing LDAP directory services within an organization and we allow organizations to define ‘encrypt data at rest’ policy at the table level.
  • Native CDC Capability: CockroachDB extends existing change data capture capabilities to enable data to flow more easily to backend warehouses, event-driven microservices, streaming analytics, search indexing, and "big data" applications.
  • Cost-Based Optimization and Insights: CockroachDB can now add consideration of locality of data to optimize queries, which is unique to distributed SQL.

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