The SQL database for global cloud services.

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Sleep better with automated operations

  • CockroachDB simplifies the process of running a distributed database by automatically scaling, rebalancing, and repairing your data.
  • Combine CockroachDB with Kubernetes to automate your entire stack.
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Respond to changes faster with flexible schemas

  • CockroachDB allows you to make schema changes without taking your applications offline.
  • If you need even more flexibility, the indexable JSON types are great for rapid application development.
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Keep your data consistent, even across datacenters

  • CockroachDB is a strongly consistent database with distributed ACID transactions. That’s why you’ll always get the right answer, even if your cluster spans data centers or cloud providers.
  • To help optimize resiliency and performance, we provide powerful tools to control where customer data lives, even at the record level.
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Write familiar queries with standard SQL

  • CockroachDB supports the postgreSQL syntax and distributes queries across your cluster to speed up transactional workloads even in huge datasets.
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Trusted by customers, everywhere

“Kindred processes more financial transactions per year than PayPal. They use CockroachDB to deliver super low latency and localized data handling to 20 million customers in Europe and Australia.”

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