Experience the only distributed SQL database built for cloud services

Automate your distributed database operations at global scale without compromising strong consistency Supporting mission critical operations from garage to the Fortune 500
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Automate scale and recovery without giving up SQL Keep your services running and your customers happy with a database that automatically scales, rebalances, and repairs itself. And with CockroachDB's distributed SQL engine and ACID transactions, your business can grow without ever manually sharding.
Provide the best experience to users wherever they are Deploy CockroachDB close to your users to provide the best possible experience. Clusters can span regions, data centers, and cloud providers. Data can dynamically move wherever it's demanded.
Deploy CockroachDB:
Amazon Web Services
Digital Ocean
Google Cloud Platform
On premises
Microsoft Azure
Simplify operations with orchestration tools Automate operations for mission-critical applications by pairing CockroachDB with orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Mesosphere DC/OS.
Orchestrate CockroachDB with:
Mesosphere DC/OS
Photo of Marcus Smedman, Kindred CTO
CockroachDB is becoming the rock-solid foundation for our next generation of infrastructure. Marcus Smedman CTO at Kindred Group, Plc.

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