Never babysit infrastructure again. Learn to build serverless apps.

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O'Reilly, Building Serverless Applications with Google Cloud Run | Cockroach Labs
In this hands-on guide, developers will learn to build production-ready serverless apps and services on Google Cloud Run. The 10-chapter book includes tutorials for building and deploying a variety of serverless applications across Google Cloud. Ultimately, developers will learn how serverless development can dramatically simplify the building and scaling of applications.

In this complete 10-chapter book, you will learn

How to build serverless apps on Google Cloud Run

How to use HTTP to create unique experiences for your users

How identity and access management (IAM) work in serverless environments

How to deploy applications across a variety of Google Cloud services

CockroachDB is an official partner of Google Cloud Run and Google Cloud

About The Book

This complete book from O’Reilly will teach developers how to build, scale, and deploy serverless applications in Google Cloud Run. It combines hands-on tutorials with core fundamentals to teach serverless app development.

About the Author

Wietse Venema is a software engineer. If he’s not training teams to build scalable and reliable software, he’s figuring out how things work so he can be a better engineer and teach. He works at to help companies build what’s next in the public cloud