When traffic spikes, apps can fail. Are you ready?

Architect your apps for scale, uptime, and the unexpected

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O'Reilly: Architecting for Scale | Cockroach Labs
In this practical guide written by a distributed systems expert, learn how to build apps that scale to handle unpredictable traffic with zero downtime for customers.

In this book excerpt you will learn:

How scaling affects the availability of your services Lambda platform

Principles of service-based application architecture and their role in reducing service failures and brownouts

How to create serverless applications by building a serverless API and data pipeline

Common design patterns for managing data in distributed applications

How to understand, measure, and mitigate risk in your systems

When and how to move to cloud infrastructure

About the Ebook

The second edition of Architecting for Scale provides a pragmatic approach for building systems that can handle huge amounts of traffic, data, and demand. It includes a focus on modern architecture paradigms including microservices, service-based applications, and practical guidance for evaluating and moving towards cloud-based infrastructure.

About the Authors

This book is authored by cloud computing industry expert Lee Atchison. Atchison has 30+ years of experience and is currently the Senior Director for Cloud Architecture at New Relic, where he designed and led the build of the New Relic Platform. Architecting for Scale is #1 on the DevOps Reading List: Top 30 Best DevOps Books You Should Read.