Getting Started With Kubernetes

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Getting Started With Kubernetes

Getting Started With Kubernetes

In this guide you'll learn how to set up, configure, and run a Kubernetes pod. 

Containers are a great way to package, deploy, and manage
applications. However, to build a reliable, scalable containerized
application, you need a place to host your containers, update
them, and provide them with networking and storage. Kubernetes
has become the most popular container orchestration system.
It simplifies deploying, monitoring, and scaling application
components, making it easy to develop flexible, reliable applications


Here are a few lessons you can expect to see in the guide:

  • Key Kubernetes Concepts like persistent volume claim, kubectl, and others
  • Kubernetes client-server architecture
  • How to create a development cluster
  • How to run your first container
This Kubernetes guide is an excellent resource for learning the key concepts and architecture of Kubernetes as well as how to begin using Kubernetes to manage containerized applications.