Data Localization Regulations by Country: Enterprise Database Impact Report

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Data Localization Regulations by Country: Enterprise Database Impact Report

Roughly 69% of the world's population lives within borders governed by data privacy regulations. That percentage is likely to grow, and the existing restrictions are likely to strengthen their grip in the future. The sweeping freedom of the world-wide-web has been tamed and turned into a collection of disparate country-regulated-webs.

Digital businesses with global reach or global ambitions are in a difficult position. Many are not equipped with a database that scales horizontally. Even if you're using a distributed database there are costs of compliance that might outweigh the financial opportunities. The consequence of this reality is that companies are delaying their expansion into some countries, and abandoning others altogether.

Data localization regulations have forced companies to explore different strategies for achieving compliance in the regions where they do business.

GDPR gets most of the media attention but there are, in total, close to 120 countries with regulations in place and 40 more countries with regulations pending. It’s a lot to keep track of.

In this report, we cover the impact of regulations on business and the details of notable regulations across the globe. In the end we leave you with guiding principles for building a database strategy for the future of digital business.