Dzone | Multi-Region Database Deployments

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Dzone | Multi-Region Database Deployments

Patterns and Anti-Patterns to Minimize Latencies and Eliminate Downtime

Modern applications and services must deliver an always-on, low latency experience for users no matter where they are on the planet. Learn practical architectural and deployment patterns that many modern applications follow, including how to deploy an application and distribute data across multiple regions.

In this reference guide, you will learn how to:

  • Minimize transactional latency by placing data physically close to end users
  • Eliminate outages with redundancies that can survive entire region or cloud failures
  • Aid with data privacy compliance by storing data within local boundaries
  • Eliminate the risks and costs of an “all-in” single cloud approach with a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud deployment

About the Reference Guide

This new Refcard from Dzone and Cockroach Labs gives an overview of strategies that minimize latencies and eliminate downtime -- chief of which is how and when to deploy an application and database across multiple regions. If you have users in multiple regions or who are physically far from each other, you should take this methodology into consideration.

About the Author

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