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The 2020
Cloud Report

We ran over 1,000 benchmark tests across AWS, Azure, and GCP for TPC-C workloads. Here’s what we learned.


Choosing a cloud provider
is deceptively difficult.

The 2020 Cloud Report compiles results from over 1,000 microbenchmarks tests to help you evaluate the machine type offerings of the cloud providers. We compared the performance of AWS, GCP, and new-to-the-report Azure across microbenchmarks (CPU, Network throughput and latency, storage read/write performance), and TPC-C.

  • Understand performance tradeoffs across machine types for each cloud
  • Learn which cloud provider is most cost efficient for your needs
  • Dive into benchmark results for TPC-C workloads across the clouds

3 Cloud Providers

This year’s report tested 26 different machine types across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

4 Benchmark Categories

Open-source benchmark tests compare CPU, network throughput and latency, storage read and writer performance, and TPC-C.

Fully Open Source Project

Our testing methods and results are reproducible and available on Github.


What's changed since last year's report?

Conventional wisdom is that hardware performance is plateauing. Our findings in the 2020 Cloud Report suggest that this simply isn’t true for cloud performance. Most notably, we saw that GCP has made noticeable improvements in the TPC-C benchmark such that all three clouds fall within the same relative zone for top-end performance.

How Do We Benchmark
Cloud Providers?

Learn About Our Approach.

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Benchmarking The Cloud: AWS, Google, Azure.

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