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Is your data correct?

In a distributed environment, competing transactions can come from anywhere. Only CockroachDB provides the highest level of isolation (serializable) in a distributed database.

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Distributed, ACID transactions

Maintain ACID compliance while enjoying the benefits of a distributed system

Serializable Isolation Icon

Serializable isolation

Ensure your data is always correct with the highest level of isolation: serializable

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Deploy systems of record

Run critical workloads like inventory management and IAM in a distributed setting

CockroachDB ensures all your data is always correct and up-to-date

ACID SQL transactions

Get guaranteed atomicity, isolation, consistency, and durability all the way down to the row level

Synchronous writes

Trust all copies of your data are up-to-date with synchronous writes across nodes; if one node fails, no data is lost

Raft consensus protocol

Ensure your data is correct with the Raft distributed consensus algorithm, which is a variation on Paxos

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Case Study

Digital bank Nubank migrates to CockroachDB for scale & infrastructure resiliency

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