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How Rubrik Built a Strongly Consistent Metadatastore with CockroachDB

Rubrik Protects Customer Data On-Prem, in the Cloud, and Across Clouds

Rubrik does cloud data management which means that they protect customers' data. This encompasses:

  • Backup 
  • Disaster recovery 
  • Research 
  • Malware detection 

So whether the customer's data is on-prem, in the cloud, or moving between one and the other, Rubrik provides a full solution to protect the data. In this video Neeral Dodhia, a software engineer from Rubrik, explains how CockroachDB helps them protect customer data with a consistent, resilient metadatastore. 

Rubrik Requires A Fault-Tolerant Database for Storing Metadata

Each Rubrik product contains various applications. Some of them have a file system, or a job scheduler, or various object hierarchies or events; and these all store metadata. Rubrik’s product is designed to be scale-out and because of the nature of what Rubrik does (protecting customer data) Rubrik itself needs to be fault-tolerant. The data must be consistent and for this, the foundation where we store the metadata needs to obey these properties as well. 

CockroachDB meets Rubrik’s needs for a scale-out, fault-tolerant, strongly consistent database. From a high-level design to low-level implementation, CockroachDB empowers Rubrik to focus all of their energy into adding new features and delivering more value to our customer. Rubrik has spent a considerable amount of time testing CockroachDB for correctness, for consistency and CockroachDB always meets the criteria. In addition, Rubrik has been working very closely with the engineers at Cockroach Labs and they’re very confident in the quality of work produced by CockroachDB. 

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