VLDB 2022: CockroachDB engineers present "A Demonstration of Multi-Region CockroachDB"

Last edited on August 26, 2022

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    The latest research paper from CockroachDB’s engineering team, “A Demonstration of Multi-Region CockroachDB”, will appear in the Demonstration Track of the VLDB 2022 conference in Sydney, Australia (as well as remotely), on September 5-9. This paper complements our recent full paper, Enabling the Next Generation of Multi-Region Applications with CockroachDB, which appeared earlier this year in SIGMOD 2022.

    VLDB is a premier annual international forum for data management and database researchers, vendors, practitioners, application developers, and users to explore cutting-edge ideas and results, and to exchange techniques, tools, and experiences. We are excited to share our recent work on multi-region support in CockroachDB at the conference.

    In our new paper, we describe support for multi-region database deployments in CockroachDB. Configuring a database deployed across multiple regions such that it meets the consistency, performance, and availability goals of modern applications requires significant expertise. CockroachDB makes this easy for developers by providing a high-level declarative syntax that allows expressing data access locality and availability goals through SQL statements.

    Our demonstration scenario shows how a fictional ride sharing company, movr, can easily use CockroachDB’s declarative SQL syntax to convert their single-region database to a multi-region database with just a handful of simple SQL statements. We’ll show how CockroachDB’s multi-region features enable movr to continue accessing their data with strong consistency, low latency, and high availability even as the company expands internationally.

    Arul Ajmani will present the demonstration during the online session on Tuesday, September 6, and Rebecca Taft and Oliver Tan will present the demonstration in-person at the conference on Thursday, September 8.

    We hope to see you all at VLDB (either in person or virtually) this year!