Roacher Spotlight: Raydijah Walters is building a career in People Ops

Last edited on January 27, 2022

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    The Roacher spotlight series is a celebration of our Roachers, their stories, and the wisdom they can impart to their peers. In this post, we highlight Raydijah Walters from our People team.

    Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do here at Cockroach Labs.Copy Icon

    My name is Raydijah Walters, but most people know me as Dijah. I am currently a People Systems Coordinator here at Cockroach Labs. In my role, I am tasked with assisting in the implementation and maintenance of our people-related systems, which allow stakeholders across the company to streamline processes and eliminate manual operations. These systems include, but are not limited to, Codility, Greenhouse, and Greenhouse Onboarding. I also assisted in founding the Black@CRL CREWS committee and currently help lead the group along with two of my colleagues.

    Tell us about your career journey— how did you become a People Systems Coordinator?Copy Icon

    I started my People Ops career in retail training and development. I grew a passion for operations and processes within that role and wanted to continue down that path. When the opportunity to work at Cockroach Labs as a Recruiting Coordinator arose I jumped at the chance because it presented a new perspective in a field I love. While in the Recruiting Coordinator role, I worked closely with Shannon Zwicker, our Manager of People Systems and Analytics, and began to take an interest in the systems side of the business. Once a role became available where I could work with systems and data, the decision to move into the People Systems Coordinator position was a no-brainer.

    What made you choose to work at Cockroach Labs?Copy Icon

    I started working with the company in a temporary position. During that time, I truly enjoyed not only working with the people here but I also loved learning from them. I dreamed of the opportunity to be a part of a team as dynamic as Cockroach Labs. When I was offered a full time position, I was thrilled. Also, being one of the first Recruiting Coordinators here, I had a rare opportunity to take part in building the function. I was able to assist with laying the groundwork for a team that now plays a major role in our hiring processes.

    Where are you most excited to make an impact at the company?Copy Icon

    I look forward to continuing to help bring forward thoughtful solutions to new challenges. I want to be instrumental in implementing new, innovative systems designed to simplify our workflows, and to develop plans that address our operational pain points. I enjoy building lasting solutions for the team.

    What advice would you give to people starting careers in people systems?Copy Icon

    Be patient and remain gracious. Consistently be a forward thinker, thinking of new ways to improve. Remember not everything will come with ease but there is always room to evolve and learn.

    How would you describe the culture of the People team at Cockroach Labs?Copy Icon

    The People Team is the epitome of collaboration. The team really goes above and beyond to work cross functionally to tackle not only our own goals, but to also make the best impact on the company. There is always a willingness among people across the team to band together and share knowledge to get things done. This allows everyone on the team to work with the assurance that we’ll always have a helping hand when we need it.

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