Announcing Managed CockroachDB: The geo-distributed database as a service

Last edited on October 30, 2018

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    This week we’re pleased to announce the availability of Managed CockroachDB, the fully hosted and fully managed service created and run by Cockroach Labs that makes deploying, scaling, and managing CockroachDB effortless. Managed CockroachDB is cloud agnostic and available at launch on both AWS and GCP. The goal is simple: allow your development team to focus on building highly scalable applications without worrying about infrastructure operations.

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    Our mission at Cockroach Labs is to make data easy. CockroachDB’s design makes that mission a reality by providing an industry-leading model for resilience, horizontal scalability to accommodate fast-growing businesses, and the ability to move data close to your customers, wherever they reside across the globe. We’ve also devoted significant effort making it seamless to get started on CockroachDB – it takes only a single binary download to your VMs, and you can have a scalable distributed SQL database in minutes. Nevertheless, when we talked to our customers – both big and small – we learned that while they appreciate how easy it is to get started on CockroachDB, not all of them prefer to manage the day to day operation of a distributed system themselves.

    Relieving our customers of infrastructure operations is the clear next step in making data truly easy.

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    Managed CockroachDB is the always-on service for your mission critical applications. We automatically replicate your data across three availability zones for single region deployments. As a globally scalable distributed SQL database, we also support geo-partitioned clusters at whatever scale your business demands. Since CockroachDB is cloud agnostic, we can migrate from one cloud service provider to another at peak load with zero downtime, should your business needs change over time.

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    Cockroach Labs takes care of hardware provisioning, setup, and configuration for your managed clusters so they are optimized for performance. We ensure automatic upgrades to the latest releases, and hourly incremental backups of your data. We provide 24x7 monitoring, and enterprise grade security for all our customers.

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    As the makers of CockroachDB, we have amassed years of experience running CockroachDB clusters in a wide variety of configurations, and are pleased to be able to provide this experience in service of our customers’ mission-critical workloads. We want to share our battle-tested reference architectures and in-house site reliability engineering expertise with you, so that you can go to market faster with the unprecedented capabilities CockroachDB provides for building ultra-resilient, high-scale, global applications.

    Three years ago we introduced you to the database we wanted to use when starting our next company. We had a simple but bold mission: to Make Data Easy. Today, I am pleased to announce another major step towards realizing our mission with the availability of Managed CockroachDB, the Geo-Distributed Database as a Service.

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