Launching the CockroachDB Community Forum

Last edited on August 10, 2016

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    As CockroachDB has grown over the last 30+ months of development, avenues for communicating between users and developers have proliferated. We started with GitHub, then created a Google Group, then an info@ email, then another Google Group, a Gitter room, and on we went.

    And while getting in touch with our developers is easier than ever (I suppose we don’t have Snapchat yet…), we hadn’t made a concerted effort to centralize our community’s brainpower – but that’s changing!

    Today we are launching the CockroachDB Community Forum, a place to ask how-tos, query others about best practices, and receive dev notices like our recent upgrade to Go 1.7.

    What’s getting laid to rest?Copy Icon

    As of August 12, 2016, we will be deprecating our Google Groups – Cockroach-DB and CockroachDB-users. All other channels (like Gitter) remain open, although you may see us directing your queries to the forum more often.

    We’ve done our best to seed the forum with evergreen queries we’ve received over the last few months, but as with any knowledge-sharing hub, it will become more useful as more people start using it.

    Help us build a thriving community (dare we say…infestation!) of CockroachDB users and developers – join the CockroachDB Community Forum.