Build a Go app with GORM for CockroachDB

Build a Go app with GORM for CockroachDB

Back in 2015 the early Cockroach Labs engineers made a decision to write this massive, complex application in Go. Since then we have, on many occassions, discussed our use of Go in blogs and on stage.

This video in which our Chief Architect, Ben Darnell, explains our user of Go in great detail is a good place to start:

It made sense that at some point we would also support GORM.

What is GORM?

GORM is a developer-friendly ORM library for dealing with relational databases–including CockroachDB. The official support of GORM will enable Go developers to access the power of SQL with our favorite programming language. With GORM for CockroachDB, Gophers can easily manage database interactions and operations, all in one place. 

In this tutorial you can build a Go App with CockroachDB and GORM

How to Learn Golang

Golang has grown in popularity since we first adopted it back in 2015. It has now been adopted by many meaningful open source projects such as the group mentioned in this tweet from Kelsey Hightower:

But Go is still a relatively new language compared to the more common languages like Python, Java, and C#. If Golang and GORM are both new languages to you then you’re not alone. New CockroachDB engineer Paul Kernfeld has taken on the challenge of publicly learning Go in this live stream video series: Learning Golang From Zero. Join Paul on Friday mornings to learn Go right along with him.

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