CockroachDB and Google Cloud expand partnership, empowering companies to build on cloud-native infrastructure

Last edited on October 12, 2021

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    Only two years after embarking on formal partnerships with the leading cloud providers, Cockroach Labs is excited to announce an expanded strategic alliance with Google Cloud. This partnership is a testament to the array of business and digital transformation benefits companies are witnessing by deploying CockroachDB on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

    One such company is Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, which has been using CockroachDB on Google Cloud since 2017. As an international company that processes hundreds of thousands of transactions in over 900 stores located across 47 different countries, guaranteeing data consistency on a secure infrastructure is of utmost importance to Lush.

    “Running managed CockroachDB nodes on Google Cloud makes our systems more secure than using hosted databases where traffic is routed via the internet. We VPC peer our respective infrastructure using native Google VPC Peering mechanisms to ensure our traffic stays private. As this service is self-maintained, we can add more VPC peered connections as our infrastructure expands,” said Harry Panayiotou, Senior DevOps Engineer at Lush.

    Lush used CockroachDB’s fully-managed offering to significantly reduce their operational overhead. CockroachDB’s ability to auto-rebalance, auto-recover from failures, and scale without manually sharding data allows their DevOps team to focus completely on application development without worrying about the inherent complexities that surround distributed systems of any kind. With the expanded partnership and CockroachDB becoming an integration partner of Google Cloud Run, soon many more developers at companies like Lush can build serverless applications — both the front and back end — that scale up and down with usage.

    Together the Google Cloud team and Cockroach Labs are exploring additional integrations and services to propel our mutual customers of today and tomorrow into a cloud-centric future. According to Spencer Kimball, CEO of Cockroach Labs:

    “Our customers are increasing their commitment to open source, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud and this collaboration with Google is a great example of how together we empower organizations to accelerate their business transformation. We are on a mission to make it easy to build world-changing applications by providing a fundamentally consistent, resilient, and scalable database on cloud infrastructure.”

    Don’t wait to get started! Your next application on Google Cloud can be built using the resilience, scalability, and availability of CockroachDB via our listing on the GCP Marketplace.

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