Announcing CockroachDB Dedicated: CockroachDB-as-a-service

Last edited on October 16, 2019

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    Today we announced the beta program for CockroachDB Dedicated, a self-service, fully managed cloud offering of CockroachDB. CockroachDB Dedicated delivers simple and easy to onboard distributed SQL, while also offering a secure and flexible experience. Whether you’re building a small application on a single node, a resilient application across multiple nodes or a multi-region application serving users all over the world, CockroachDB Dedicated is the distributed SQL database for modern application developers.

    “As-a-service” has become the norm for how developers consume software. A year ago, we announced a limited availability of Managed CockroachDB, which was the first step in our cloud journey, and an important milestone in our mission of Making Data Easy. Since then, we’ve learned a lot from our earliest users. CockroachDB Dedicated is the culmination of all those learnings, and we’re excited to now open up the offering to a broader audience.

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    CockroachDB Dedicated is simple to set up and maintain. Creating a cluster is completed with a few clicks on the CockroachDB Dedicated UI - pick your cloud provider and region, number and size of nodes, and you’re off! Then you hand over all the day-to-day operations of running a distributed SQL database to us - the creators and experts of CockroachDB. We take care of provisioning servers, setting up monitoring and alerting, upgrading to major and minor versions, and daily full and hourly incremental backups. Our SRE team is on call 24/7 to ensure that your business is always on. All of our enterprise CockroachDB features are available on CockroachDB Dedicated, such as change data capture (CDC), role based access control (RBAC) and geo-partitioning.


    “With CockroachDB Dedicated, we don’t have to worry about scalability issues or troubleshooting performance. This gives back a lot of time to our developers.”

    -Global Head of Infrastructure at Education First

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    CockroachDB Dedicated is configured with enterprise-grade security. Each CockroachDB Dedicated cluster is deployed in a dedicated VPC with firewalls. Access to the cluster must be granted via IP whitelists. We use a combination of certificates (for node authentication) and usernames and passwords (for client authentication). All network traffic is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS), and encryption at rest is on by default for all your data, including backups. Finally, role based access control can be used for both access to the CockroachDB Dedicated console as well as SQL users in the database. To connect to your database, simply create a SQL user, whitelist an IP address, and get a single connection string that points to the load balancer in front of your cluster.


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    You can set up CockroachDB Dedicated to fit your needs. You can choose to run it in AWS or GCP, with support for more public cloud providers coming in the future. You can start with one node, which we recommend for testing, or three nodes, which is our preferred minimum production deployment. In a three-node deployment, we automatically provision nodes across three availability zones, thus ensuring your cluster is resilient to datacenter outages. If you want a globally available cluster, we will ensure your nodes are spread across multiple regions (and AZs within regions) to survive entire cloud provider region outages.

    “We’ve been using multi-region CockroachDB Dedicated in production since early 2018 as our data backbone. It’s incredible how high the quality bar is for these folks.”

    -Gorka Lerchundi Osa, Principal Architect at SALTO Systems

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    Sign up HERE for your CockroachDB Dedicated cluster.

    We can’t wait to see what you build with CockroachDB Dedicated.

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