Build an app with Active Record + CockroachDB

Last edited on June 17, 2020

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    To make CockroachDB as accessible as possible, we’ve worked hard over the past six months to add compatibility with various Object Relational Mapping tools (ORMs). We started with ORMs for Python, Java, and Go. Now, we’re excited to announce full CockroachDB compatibility with Active Record, our first ORM for Ruby developers.

    Active Record is the ORM that powers Ruby on Rails, one of the most popular open-source development frameworks for web applications—and one of the most popular open-source projects of all time. Thousands of companies, including big-name brands like Twitch, Square, and GitHub, use Ruby on Rails as the foundation for their web applications.

    More than that, Rails follows the guiding principle of optimizing for developer happiness. It has a great global community that inspires new developers to build their first apps, and includes organizations like Rails Girls, which breaks down traditional barriers to programming.

    We want to make CockroachDB a joy to develop for, so it’s only natural that we’d provide support for Ruby on Rails. Previously, CockroachDB provided beta-level support for Active Record, but we decided that wasn’t enough. Developers need a full toolkit to easily work with CockroachDB. We’re excited that we can now provide that toolkit.

    Our docs team has written up a great tutorial on building a Hello World App with Active Record and CockroachDB. Follow the tutorial below and explore!

    Build a Hello World App with CockroachDB & Active Record

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