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Improved Backup & Restore Capabilities in CockroachDB 20.1

Improved Backup & Restore Capabilities In CockroachDB 20.1

CockroachDB is designed to deliver bulletproof resilience. But even the world’s safest boat needs to carry life jackets. The same principle applies to your data, which is why we’ve baked a breadth of Backup and Restore capabilities into CockroachDB. Because CockroachDB is built with fault tolerance in mind, isolated issues like small-scale node failures don’t require action on your part. However, you still might want to take regular backups to get point-in-time snapshots of your database, or to help you maintain compliance with industry-specific data regulations. 

In this video, Senior Product Manager Michael Wang goes through the improvements made to Backup and Restore in CockroachDB 20.1, including: 

  • An updated UX 
  • Introducing full cluster backup/restore
  • Increased speed with time bound iterators 
  • Added security with encrypted backups

Based on your license type, CockroachDB offers two methods to backup and restore your cluster's data: Enterprise and Core. CockroachCloud accounts have Enterprise features, and you can use the code CRDB30 to get started with a free 30-day trial


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