Build a Java app with CockroachDB and jOOQ

Build a Java app with CockroachDB and jOOQ

We’re excited to announce that the latest release of jOOQ supports CockroachDB. 

jOOQ is a database-mapping software library in Java that lets you take advantage of your database’s SQL capabilities while still coding in Java. As of this writing, jOOQ supports over twenty relational database management systems, from PostgreSQL to Oracle. But with most of these options (especially the open source ones) developers are still left to manage database scale and ensure the database is resilient and always on. 

Since CockroachDB is wire compatible with Postgres, some jOOQ users had used the Postgres dialect with CockroachDB for simple integrations, in order to continue writing SQL in Java while using a database that shards automatically and is highly available. As of last week’s 3.13.0 release, jOOQ fully supports CockroachDB. The CockroachDB SQL dialect is now fully integration tested and supported for both future jOOQ and CockroachDB versions. 

With jOOQ for CockroachDB, you can efficiently build your apps using Java, and also avoid all the headaches of scaling and downtime. Get started today by downloading jOOQ, or checking out our tutorial on how to build a Java app with CockroachDB and jOOQ. 

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