Scale when others fail

Run mission-critical apps on CockroachDB — the cloud native, distributed SQL database designed for high availability, effortless scale, and control over data placement.

Trusted by enterprises for mission-critical use cases

Payments systems, IAM, logistics, user accounts, and more — powered by CockroachDB

Scale to meet demand

Database bottlenecks stifle business performance and growth. CockroachDB removes the complexity of manual sharding and scales horizontally as workload volumes increase.

SQL that scales horizontally

A distributed system that feels like a single, logical database. Save time by eliminating the need to create and maintain separate database shards. Scale reads, writes, and database capacity by simply adding nodes.

Built for transaction-heavy (OLTP) workloads

CockroachDB speaks standard SQL and supports distributed, ACID-compliant transactions. Always know your data remains immediately correct — even as you scale.


CockroachDB has support for distributed transactions and multiple regions by default, which is what we are looking for because it makes it more reliable and scalable out of the box.

— Vlad Sydorenko, Senior Engineer @ Netflix


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Highly available by design

Keep mission-critical applications online in the event of entire cloud or region outages and during database upgrades. Continue delivering for customers without interruptions in service or revenue.

No database downtime

CockroachDB continues to serve queries even when nodes, availability zones, and even entire regions fail. Perform maintenance — like online schema changes and rolling upgrades — without disrupting the customer experience.

Multi-active availability

With a multi-active architecture, you can take full advantage of your hardware; every machine can serve both reads and writes. You can tolerate failures without compromising availability. Unlike other availability designs, CockroachDB guarantees data consistency via consensus replication and allows you to achieve zero RPO / RTO.


One of the biggest things that surprised me about CockroachDB is that replication is not a problem anymore. It’s actually a solved problem.

— James Lupolt, Database Engineer @ Hard Rock Digital


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Control data placement and latency

Run your application across multiple regions and clouds. Control where data resides and deliver low-latency experiences to customers everywhere.

Multi-region, multi-cloud deployments

CockroachDB is cloud native and flexible. Run on any combination of cloud(s) or on-premises infrastructure. Transfer apps and data between cloud environments to address regulations and avoid vendor lock-in.

Put data in its place

Pin data to cloud regions closest to end users to reduce latency with a multi-region deployment of CockroachDB. Configurable data domiciling policies help address compliance regulations and ensure data stays where it belongs.


CockroachDB is a good fit for storing customer metadata because it provides reliable and low latency access. No matter where the customer lives… We love that CockroachDB just works and solves a very difficult problem.

— David Phillips, CTO @ Starburst


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Operate efficiently in the cloud

The secure, fully managed CockroachDB cloud platform virtually eliminates manual database operations and enables superior economics. Reallocate your technical talent to focus on feature development that fuels growth and reduces risky technical debt.

Faster, smoother migrations

Running PostgreSQL-compatible CockroachDB means you can migrate existing applications and services quickly. And the MOLT Live migration tool simplifies the end-to-end migration lifecycle.


The migration process has gone on without a hitch. CockroachDB is extremely resilient and has been much easier to manage. It provides monitoring and alerting, rolling upgrades and other features that have lowered maintenance. We’ve actually upgraded several times through the process and it’s been seamless.

-Scott Travers, Staff Engineer @ Spreedly


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