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How Rightmove ensures always-on experiences for 2+ billion annual site visits

Rightmove is UK’s number one property website. Alongside helping people find property for sale or rent, they provide a huge range of services to estate agents, new home developers, mortgage lenders, surveyors and more. As the company adopted a cloud first strategy to support its 2+ billion annual site visits, it took the opportunity to modernise the databases. The goals were to reduce architectural complexity, speed up software delivery lifecycles, reduce operational overhead, and enable multi-cloud and multi-regional resilience. In this talk, Andrew Tate, Head of Technology Operations at Rightmove, will discuss the company’s decision to accelerate adoption of CockroachDB as a system of record for mission critical applications, and their learnings deploying and running CockroachDB in production.

Andrew Tate
Head of Technology Operations, Rightmove