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Fireside Chat: How City Storage Systems designed its Data Infrastructure to minimize toil

City Storage Systems is a startup with a huge mission and an aggressively boring name. They build disruptive restaurant infrastructure for better food – software to run growing food businesses and kitchens to produce quality food at dramatically lower cost. Their name hasn’t stopped them from building a world-class tech team and great products. Their most well-known product brands are Otter, CloudKitchens, and Lab37.

In this fireside chat, Alex Filipchik provides an in-depth look at City Storage Systems' four-year experience running CockroachDB as the company’s main production database for all Tier 0 workloads. Alex also shares the lessons learned running CockroachDB on K8s (including building a home-grown K8s operator), completing a successful cloud migration, and achieving multi-region and multi-cloud compatibility.

Alex Filipchik
Head of Infrastructure, City Storage Systems

Chris Casano
Director, Customer Engineering Americas, Cockroach Labs