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mLogica’s proprietary GenAI-powered automation solutions, structured methodologies, and technical expertise are backed by over two decades of experience, including refactoring over 300,000 databases and successfully completing over 1,000 projects. With the native integration of CockroachDB into mLogica’s STAR*M Distributed Workload Modernization and LIBER*M Mainframe Modernization Suite, enterprises can seamlessly replatform and refactor their Oracle, SQL Server, and mainframe databases to CockroachDB in the timescale of months instead of years.

With CockroachDB, enterprises can adapt to modern customer expectations and navigate macroeconomic headwinds by overcoming legacy database challenges to reduce operational expenditure, improve business agility, and attract a new generation of talent entering the workforce. 

And with mLogica, enterprises can seamlessly transition from anchoring monolithic databases to CockroachDB without trading-off resiliency, SQL familiarity, strong consistency, nor feature-parity including support for  stored-procedures, read-committed isolation, cursors, and more.

Together, CockroachDB and mLogica accelerate enterprise modernization journeys to a distributed platform that can support their dynamic business over the next decade on the cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.

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