CockroachDB is the simple choice for your Python applications

CockroachDB is a SQL database that runs in the cloud. It offers effortless scale, bulletproof resilience, and efficient performance. 

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Why build your apps on CockroachDB?

CockroachDB takes everything you love about traditional relational databases like Postgres, then adds greater simplicity and more advanced features. It’s the database for developers building next-generation applications.




CockroachDB is developer-friendly. It delivers PostgreSQL dialect, a fully managed cloud service, and stellar docs and support.

CockroachDB provides low-latency reads and writes, even in multi-region clusters. It also provides transparent benchmarking.

Built for cloud apps, CockroachDB has advanced capabilities that allow for easy scaling, zero downtime, and ACID transactions.

CockroachDB ♡ Python

Use CockroachDB with your favorite ORMs and drivers!

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