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/* Booksy runs CockroachDB on GCP to deliver their customers across 25 countries a platform that helps them grow their biz */

Booksy is one of the most widely used scheduling apps for booking appointments online in hair salons, beauty salons, or barber shops within seconds. In 2021, nearly 100 million bookings were made via their app. Not only do they deliver a solution for booking appointments, but they also help their customers modernize, manage, and promote their businesses – which can be difficult for many to do themselves.

Today, Booksy operates in 25 countries around the world and primarily caters to the beauty industry. They understand that they must continuously improve their product and listen to customer feedback if they want to scale to new geographies and expand their offering to new industries.

They originally built their platform on PostgreSQL. They were forecasting 10x growth over the next 2 years and were worried PostgreSQL would not be able to support their distributed customer base. They decided to migrate their platform to CockroachDB on GCP so that they could provide the highest quality of service to customers around the globe.

Since making the switch, Booksy’s service level objective (SLO) is at the highest level of five nines. Their customers greatly benefit from a platform that’s available 24/7, delivers low latency access, and can automatically scale to accommodate increases in traffic.

Past 7 days


100% (240 reqs) budget

99.999% target

Past 30 days


97% (100k reqs) budget

99.999% target

Past 90 days


99.99996% budget

99.999 target

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platform and other results they’ve seen since switching to CockroachDB.

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