A comparison of enterprise-grade RDBMSs

CockroachDB vs. Oracle Database

/* As businesses race to adopt cloud infrastructure, legacy DBs struggle to keep pace. */

Why leading enterprises love CockroachDB

Lower Cost Ownership Icon

Lower cost of ownership

Say goodbye to costly upcharges and add-ons. CockroachDB can reduce application and ops overhead by up to 90% through automation.

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Simplified operations

CockroachDB offers native scale without manual sharding, freeing up engineering hours for more productive tasks.

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Cloud flexibility

Stay agile and avoid vendor lock-in. Run CockroachDB in the public cloud of your choice or in your private data center.

Side-by-side comparison

imageCloud deployment
Can be deployed in AWS and Azure but is designed to work best in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
All public clouds, on-prem, and bare metal
Can achieve high scale via manual sharding or expensive add-ons (Oracle RAC, Golden Gate, etc.)
Native scale and load balancing maintains app performance under demand and eliminates complex database operations
High availability best achieved using expensive add-ons, many of which only run in OCI
Active-active availability lets you read and write from every node. Set availability goals at the database, table, or row level.
imageData loss
Does not offer a single no-data-loss, multi-region, active-active solution. <br> “Snapshot” serializability and defaults to read-committed.
3x data replication by default with concurrent writes across replicas
imageData locality
Simulates geo-partitioning via “native database sharding,” but additional engineering is often needed to ensure data remains globally consistent and locally performant
Ties data to a node to optimize performance or comply with data regulations

Architected for mission-critical transactional use cases

Relational databases are founded in relational algebra and deliver a highly efficient store that enforces data integrity in the database as opposed to in code.

User accounts & metadata

Deliver flawless customer experiences built on accurate, always available user data.

Payments systems

When it comes to capturing payments at scale, data consistency and high availability are priceless.

Inventory management

Sell to zero (but not beyond) with always-accurate stock counts, even when shoppers have a change of cart.

Life beyond Oracle starts here

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Comparative claims based on publicly available information as of Q1 2024.