Maintain business continuity

No planned or unplanned downtime. CockroachDB is architected to self-heal during failures, so you can survive any type of outage and ensure customers have continuous access to your services and their data.

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Deliver frictionless customer experiences

Reduce application latency and achieve fast, efficient data processing — even across multiple regions and clouds — while serving a global customer base. Pin data to the location closest to end users to maximize performance and address data regulatory concerns.

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Expand your reach & adapt to changing demands

Automate horizontal scale to keep up with increasing customer demands. Grow your business on a secure cloud-native foundation with operational flexibility to deploy across any infrastructure of your choice (on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, multiple clouds).

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CockroachDB features for mission-critical applications running across any infrastructure

Multi-node, distributed architecture

Build on a single, logical database that handles high read and write loads and eliminates the need to create and maintain separate database shards.

Multi-active availability

Experience unintended failures without compromising availability, data consistency or data loss.

Data domiciling

Control locality at the database, table, and row level to achieve your read-write latency goals and determine where sensitive data resides.

No downtime for maintenance

Perform schema changes without downtime. Rolling upgrades let you take nodes offline one at a time without disrupting service.

Multi-region, multi-cloud

Run any combination of cloud(s) and/or on-prem infrastructure. Easily transfer app & data between environments to address regulations and avoid vendor lock-in.

Speaks SQL & PostgreSQL compatible

Use standard SQL to query, analyze, and optimize your workloads. PostgreSQL compatibility allows you to migrate existing apps without rewriting code.

How to perform schema changes without downtime

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A brief history of high availability

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What is fault tolerance, and how to build fault-tolerant systems

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An electronics giant saved millions after migrating from MySQL to CockroachDB

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TCO Guide: accelerate innovation while reducing costs

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Why Fortune 50 banks are leaving traditional RDBMS for CockroachDB

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Data loss prevention during outages (you might be losing data without knowing it)

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What is operational resilience and how to achieve it

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Migration Guide: Migrating from Oracle to CockroachDB

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