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CockroachCloud is a database-as-a-service that gives you a distributed SQL database plus deployment, management, and maintenance.

Distributed SQL gives you the best of relational and NoSQL

Get a database that combines the structure and consistency of relational databases with the limitless scale of NoSQL. With CockroachCloud, you can:

Build Resilient Apps

Get continuous service, even with machine or network failures. CockroachCloud combines a highly-available database with 24/7 SRE management.

Rely on standard SQL, compatible with PostgreSQL. Use familiar ORMs and drivers.

Use Familiar SQL

Scale On-Demand

Need more capacity or throughput? Just add nodes to the cluster with the click of a button—all without any downtime.

A relational database for next-generation, cloud-native applications

Databases can be a time-consuming and rigid part of your stack. CockroachCloud aims to simplify your data layer and free up your time. Spend less time operating and more time building great products and user experiences.

Why CockroachCloud?

Imagine what you love about PostgreSQL: familiarity, reliability, SQL, consistent transactions. Then combine that with a distributed database built from the ground-up for the cloud and microservices. Then combine that with a managed service with top-notch support. That’s CockroachCloud.

Like PostgreSQL, but better

With other database services, it’s difficult to get help and talk to a human when you need it. With CockroachCloud, you get our world-class support team, with unlimited support tickets and 24-hour SLAs.

You can create, scale, and delete your clusters all from the web console. You can also upgrade, view backups, and more. And there’s an Admin UI that makes it easy to view query performance, SQL statements, and other key database metrics.

Easy Self-Management and Monitoring

Unlimited Support Tickets

CockroachCloud is now available on Google Cloud and AWS.

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