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Case Study

Justuno Migrates from SQL Server to CockroachDB

Justuno migrated from Microsoft SQL Server to CockroachDB for ACID-compliant distributed transactions & multi-region redundancy

Since its founding in 2011, Justuno has grown its business every year. Half a billion website sessions touch their infrastructure every month, on over 18,000 websites, in more than 226 countries and territories worldwide. By virtue of that growth, Justuno’s infrastructure team has been challenged with the complexity of scaling its database, Microsoft SQL Server. 

While scaling the active-passive architecture was Justuno’s primary challenge, they also experienced difficulty with sophisticated backup and licensing in Microsoft SQL Server. The accumulation of these obstacles forced Justuno to consider alternative database solutions.

Database Requirements: Horizontal Scalability & Multi-Region Redundancy 

Given the Justuno’s growth and their experience with Microsoft SQL Server, Justuno required that their new database offer simple horizontal scalability and multi-region redundancy to ensure high availability. They also wanted support for standard SQL functions, and the ability to add more nodes as necessary without having to think about sharding or repairing. Of course, because Justuno was looking for a database to support distributed transactions, they needed a guarantee of ACID compliance and the highest level of isolation, serializable.

CockroachDB removes the complexity of horizontal scale

“We simply haven’t had to do anything. There has never been a single hiccup with our CockroachDB cluster”.
– Travis Logan, CTO

Justuno CTO, Logan Travis, and his team ran multiple tests on CockroachDB, including tests to evaluate how it would perform when a server goes down and how latency is impacted when different kinds of demanding queries are run.

The testing revealed a few important facts:

  • CockroachDB is as resilient and consistent as advertised.
  • CockroachDB does not suffer from latency spikes.
  • Cockroach Labs provides a talented support team ready to answer questions and help customers get up and running. 

Under the hood, CockroachDB removes the complexity of horizontal scale by automating the balancing of data as the database scales up or down. There is no need for sharding or repairing. And it’s super easy to add nodes because the database automatically rebalances when new nodes appear in a cluster.

Multi-region redundancy is built into the architecture because all data is replicated and distributed across the nodes of a cluster for resiliency. This architecture enables CockroachDB to deliver zero RPO and zero downtime. For a company like Justuno, with over 18,000 different websites currently using their services, any downtime would be excruciating; but it won’t be an issue with CockroachDB.  

Read the full case study to learn how Justuno has replaced Microsoft SQL Server with CockroachDB. If you have additional questions you can join our Community Slack channel to chat with CockroachDB engineers and users.

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