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Provide always-on services

CockroachDB is the simplest way to build highly available services and applications. With intelligent traffic routing during machine failures or maintenance activities, you can completely avoid planned and unplanned downtime, keeping customers happy.

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Eliminate maintenance windows and surprise outages

Unplanned downtime can compromise your business. And while maintenance windows are intended to minimize user impact, planned downtime is still a poor experience for your customers. CockroachDB keeps services up and running through system failures, replacing disaster recovery with disaster resilience.


Automate recovery with self-healing infrastructure

When servers go offline, CockroachDB intelligently redistributes data, without requiring operator intervention.

Survive system failures without missing a beat

If a machine goes down, other cockroachdb servers can continue handling traffic, without compromising data correctness or availability.

Eliminate planned downtime

Perform rolling upgrades of the database, operating systems, and machines. Run schema changes in the background, keeping applications online as you roll out new features

Building a high availability, strongly consistent metadatastore for cloud data management platform.

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Never lose committed data

Your database should never lose data. CockroachDB was built to eliminate data loss and correctness conflicts.


Maintain Data Correctness

With transactions that run in serializable mode — the highest isolation level defined in the SQL standard — and consensus replication across replicas, the data you write is always the data you read.

Instantly Rollback Human Errors

Roll back the database to the exact moment before a mistyped delete or update happened using point in time recovery.

Run Distributed Backups for Maximum Resilience

Prepare for the unexpected with distributed, incremental backups. Backup and recovery performance scales linearly as you add more machines, utilizing the compute power of the entire cluster.

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