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Ensure uptime with always-on availability

Architected to withstand any outage, CockroachDB eliminates downtime and allows your apps and services to have access to data.

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Survive outages and simplify your upgrades and backups

CockroachDB keeps services up and running through system failures and system upgrades and saves you money on backups.


Survive system failures without RPO

If a machine goes down, other CockroachDB servers continue handling traffic, without compromising data correctness or availability.

Eliminate planned downtime

Perform rolling upgrades of the database, operating systems, and machines. Run schema changes in the background and keep applications online as you roll out new features.

Remove the need for expensive backup tools

Simplify your architecture with a globally active database instead of expensive, brittle active-passive configurations.

Building a high availability, strongly consistent metadatastore for cloud data management platform.

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Built for zero RPO/RTO

Only CockroachDB can reduce RPO to zero and ensure your apps are always on.


Self-healing infrastructure

CockroachDB intelligently redistributes data without requiring operator intervention.

Distributed backups

Backup and recovery performance scales linearly as you add more machines, using the compute power of the entire cluster.

Point in time recovery

You can roll back CockroachDB to the exact moment before a mistyped delete or update happened, using point in time recovery.

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