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DASH: Four Properties of Kubernetes-Native Databases

Cloud-native application architectures help developers deliver amazing experiences to their customers around the world. They do this by taking advantage of billions in cloud provider investments, which provide nearly unlimited and on-demand resources spread across hundreds of data centers globally. Kubernetes –…

How to Improve Performance using Geo-Partitioning

One of the most exciting features of distributed SQL is the ability to tie data to a specific location and CockroachDB delivers this capability via our geo-partitioning feature. If you aren’t already familiar with this yet we’ve recently published a…

Introducing the High Availability Architecture Guide (CockroachDB vs. Oracle)

When IT experts consider high availability infrastructure for mission-critical services, their minds often leap to Oracle as the preeminent service provider. But Oracle's database was designed in a pre-cloud world. As a cloud native database, CockroachDB introduces a new way of providing always-on availability, strong data consistency, and distributed performance.
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