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Managed CockroachDB

Launch faster with Managed CockroachDB

Managed CockroachDB is a geo-distributed database-as-a-service that is fully hosted and fully managed, designed to get your applications to market faster. Our team of distributed SQL experts set up, configure, and monitor your global clusters using our battle-tested architectures, while taking all the day to day operations of management out of your hands. Let us manage your database, so you can focus on your business.

Key Features

Always-on Service

Cloud vendor agnostic. Automatic data replication across 3+ data centers. Zero downtime migration between cloud providers.

Operational Excellence

Automatic hardware provisioning, setup, and configuration. Automatic rolling upgrades. Automated daily backups and hourly incremental backups.

Enterprise-Grade Security

TLS 1.2 for all connections. Single tenant clusters. SOC-2 Compliance (in process).

Managed CockroachDB is available on:

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